Comprehensive electrical service

From our base in Barnstaple, the Burgun Contractors team carry out a range of electrical work across the UK so that residential, commercial and industrial clients have the electrical setup they need to operate their premises and keep them secure.  All work is in line with 18th edition wiring regulations and our electricians are experts in their field.

Inspections and testing

It’s important to regularly test your electrical system to make it sure that it’s performing as it should and that risk to health and safety continues to be minimal.  This includes everything from identification of potential fire hazards to whether equipment is overloaded.  We can test any kind of electrical installation and can continue to do so on a periodic basis.

Emergency lighting

In the event of a disaster, emergency lighting can be the difference between life and death when it comes to the smooth evacuation of your building.  It’s why it’s so important to not only have a system in place but also to regularly service it and to make sure that repairs are carried out immediately upon identification of a problem.  Our team at Burgun Contractors can do all of this for you.

Lighting design and installation

An effective lighting system has been linked to increased productivity when it comes to workforce or your home so it’s always worthwhile to have a properly designed system in place from the get-go.  Our team can design this system from the ground-up and then install it for you.  We’ve worked on a number of properties, including shops and offices, and we also install external lighting systems as well.

Burglar alarm / security alarm installations

A well-designed and implemented alarm system is as much a deterrent as an early warning system and can be all the difference when it comes to the security of your property.  Our team can install a system for you and we’re also available for repair work on any existing system should it be required.

Special locations

As contractors who work with principally commercial and industrial clients, we do have experience with setups of all shapes and sizes, including swimming pools, agricultural installations, caravan parks, marinas, exhibition halls and show stands. For any kind of installation, repair or servicing work, our team provide a consistently professional service that goes above and beyond the needs of our clients.