Fencing and Boundary Repairs

Many commercial and domestic property owners in the United Kingdom use fencing to set boundaries and provide security. They may also use fencing to set boundaries for their gardens as well.

Boundary disputes often occur over whose responsibility it is to make fencing repairs. But if your deed shows the fence is on your property, you must repair it to uphold the national legal standards. Property owners are always responsible for repairing their fences in the United Kingdom.

Burgun Contractors Ltd has been repairing fences and boundaries in the United Kingdom for over 20 years. We can repair and rebuild any fence to better secure your property or garden. Our fencing and boundary repair services are suitable for the following:

  • Domestic and commercial fences
  • Garden fences
  • Fence rebuilds and replacements
  • Hardwood fences
  • Steel fences
  • Softwood fences
  • Wire fences

Like most structural features, fences are susceptible to deterioration and damage from bad weather and vandalism. That is why you need a professional fencing repair company on standby to resolve these issues when they arise. Then you can save your fence before more expensive damage occurs.

Burgun Contractors Ltd has a team of fencing specialists who have the skills and equipment to repair any fence. First, we will assess your fence to determine the extent of the damage present. Then we will give you an estimated price quote on the repair costs. If you accept the estimated price, the work can begin immediately.

Are you ready to inquire about our fencing and boundary repair services in the United Kingdom? Call us at 0333 772 1345 or email us at office@burguncontractorsltd.com.