LEV System Design

A custom LEV system design is required for every commercial or industrial facility. Most of the design requirements depend on the size of the facility and the types of contaminants it produces regularly. You’ll need a qualified LEV engineer with years of experience to ensure your LEV system is designed correctly. Otherwise, you could still run the risk of contaminating your work environment.

Burgun Contractors Ltd employs some of the best LEV engineers in the industry. We will ensure your LEV system design caters to all the government health and safety requirements and industry standards. So not only will you be in compliance with the law, but you’ll be offering your employees maximum protection against hazardous substances.

First, we will assess your workplace to determine which contaminants exist. Once we have identified the contaminants present, our team of skilled LEV engineers will get to work on a design plan for your LEV system. It will be designed to remove and prevent all the identified contaminants from plaguing your work environment ever again.

Burgun Contractors Ltd can continue to periodically measure the technical performance and overall effectiveness of your LEV system. If we discover new contaminants present, we can modify the design to filter out the newer contaminants. Our mission is to keep your workers safe and your company in compliance with government health and safety standards.

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