LEV Testing

Local exhaust ventilation systems prevent impurities and hazardous substances from getting released and exposed to people inside of a commercial or industrial building. The United Kingdom has strict health and safety standards that every company must follow regarding workplace air quality. LEV systems help ensure that company owners are complying with these standards.

A company owner is responsible for ensuring their LEV systems remain at a fully functioning performance level. The only way to know for sure is to test the LEV system and the air it circulates into the workplace. That will require you to hire a professional LEV testing service provider.

Burgun Contractors Ltd has conducted LEV testing for more than 20 years. We have all the necessary tools, equipment, and resources to examine your LEV system thoroughly. If we detect any hazardous substances released from it, we can promptly address the issue.

Our LEV testing practices are performed in compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health government regulations and standards. These practices not only look for substances identified as hazardous but also any substance which is known to cause health problems in people. Some examples include wood dust and silica dust.

If our LEV test has found no traces of hazardous substances, we will give you a passing grade on the report. Then you can use the report as legal proof that your LEV system complies with government standards. We recommend you get LEV testing done every 14 to 18 months. That should be enough time to catch a potential issue with your LEV system before it gets out of hand.

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