Specialist Plastering (National Trust, Listed Buildings, etc.)

Historic building conservation is an essential construction practice in the United Kingdom. Since thousands of historic homes, gardens, and buildings exist throughout the countryside and along the coasts, they need maintenance to preserve their cosmetic and structural integrity. The walls and ceilings, in particular, need exceptional plastering and resurfacing work done to them.

Much of this maintenance consists of a unique form of plastering called specialist plastering. It is the art of restoring and maintaining older surfaces in homes and buildings. Specialist plastering caters to the original surface design patterns and shapes to ensure they get restored as precisely as possible.

Do you have a historic home or building that needs specialist plastering work? If so, you can contact the professional contractors of Burgun Contractors Ltd for assistance. We have perfected the art of specialist plastering to preserve the oldest and most fragile interior walls and ceilings. Our contractors can apply a hydrated lime-base coat of decorative plaster to any older surface to maintain its appearance and durability.

Many other construction companies only offer standard plastering services for the surfaces of modern interior walls and ceilings. On the other hand, Burgun Contractors Ltd provides both standard and specialist plastering services to domestic and commercial property owners.

You will likely need our specialist plastering services if you own a listed or National Trust building. We recommend you contact our customer support team at 0333 772 1345 or email us at office@burguncontractorsltd.com to discuss the details of your specialist plastering project. You can schedule an appointment for our contractors to assess your surfaces and estimate the price for the specialist plastering service.