Trim Cutter Services

Many industrial and commercial facilities produce large amounts of waste materials that need to be cut and disposed of safely and professionally. A trim extraction system collects waste materials, cuts them up, and transports the waste to a safe offsite disposal area or recycling facility.

Trim extraction systems use trim cutters and local exhaust ventilation systems to ensure this process runs smoothly. Trim cutters must be sharp enough to handle cutting all different kinds of waste materials. These materials include newspapers, carpets, packaging, cardboard boxes, textile products, beverage cans, etc.

Burgun Contractors Ltd offers professional trim cutter services in the United Kingdom. We can reset or resharpen your trim cutters to ensure they work flawlessly. But if your trim cutters show signs of too much wear and tear, we can replace them for you instead. As a result, you can avoid costly shutdowns and improve energy efficiency in your work environment.

When our technicians arrive at your facility, we will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your trim cutters. Then we will recommend the best course of action from there, whether it is to resharpen or replace the trim cutters. These cutters consist of rotating knives that are supposed to handle cutting thick materials, such as carpet edge trim. If we determine they can handle such materials, our work is done.

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