A ventilation system enables fresh air to circulate throughout different rooms of a home or business. It is best to have a well-ventilated building to ensure that contaminated air doesn’t remain inside the building. Instead, it circulates the old and dirty air out of the rooms and brings new outside air into the rooms. As a result, ventilation significantly reduces the risk of disease transmission.

Do you need to install, repair, or maintain a ventilation system for your home or business? Burgun Contractors Ltd has a professional team of ventilation contractors and experts ready to serve property owners throughout the United Kingdom. We can install or maintain a standard air ventilation system for a home or a local exhaust ventilation system for a commercial building.

A local exhaust ventilation system is a more advanced ventilation system designed to prevent hazardous substances and contaminants from getting released. Then you don’t have to worry about your employees getting sick or ill. So if you own or manage a workplace where gas or debris emissions are generated regularly, then it is vital to have a fully functional local exhaust ventilation system installed.

Don’t worry if you own property in a neighborhood with air pollution or poor air quality. Our air ventilation systems come with filters to remove impurities from the outside air before reaching the rooms inside. In addition, we can install a heat recovery ventilation unit to re-filter old heated air. That way, you can save money on your electric bill.

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