What is LEV Testing?

LEV testing is a comprehensive examination of the effectiveness and performance of a local exhaust ventilation system. The technician will extract indoor air from the workplace with a special machine to look for signs of hazardous substances. They will also use equipment to examine various components of the LEV system, including the air ducts, hoods, and filters.

The overall goal is to ensure the technical performance of the LEV system is excellent. Otherwise, the people in the work environment run the risk of exposure to hazardous contaminants, potentially making them sick or ill. In addition, you need to ensure your LEV system complies with the Control of Substances Hazard to Health standard.

Under the COSHH standard, your company has a legal responsibility to control and prevent any hazardous fumes or dust particles from contaminating the workplace. The only way you can ensure your company’s compliance with this standard is to have an LEV test performed. That is where we come in.

Burgun Contractors Ltd is fully qualified to perform LEV testing in the United Kingdom. We have spent more than two decades conducting LEV testing in commercial and industrial facilities across the country. Our technicians will recommend you get LEV testing at least every 14 months. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your employees are safe and that you’re staying compliant with the law.

LEV testing can be done quickly and professionally. Once we have verified your LEV systems are in compliance with the required health and safety standards, we will issue a report as proof of our findings. Then you can satisfy both your company’s legal and insurance requirements for maintaining health and safety in the workplace.

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